Thursday, December 18, 2014

#TBT Oil Pastels ---> Rainbow Hair

Back when hair chalk wasn't available in Buenos Aires (actually, I still don't think it exists here), I went to the nearest art store ad picked up some oil pastels. I remember mentioning what I was planning to do with them, and the people in the store thought I was crazy. But really, what's more fun than having rainbow hair for a day? Not much.

(October 2012)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sheer Floral Maxi Dress & Gladiators

Finally....SUN on a SUNday! And what a beautiful day it was.  A Sunday spent at the fair is my favorite kind of Sunday. It was a lovely last weekend in to finish up this work week, and jet off to the USA!

Sheer floral dress: Dailylook (similar here)
Bodycon slip-dress: BCBG (similar here and here)
Gladiator sandals: Penny Loves Kenny via Zappos
Fringe bag: Gypsy Warrior (similar here)
Belt: Anthropologie...I think (?)
Makeup: Eyes- Makeup Geek Vegas Lights Palette; Lips- Wet 'n Wild Stoplight Red w/ Milani Black Cherry over top.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lack of free time, lack of sunny days, and a lack of inspiration

I'm sure you guys have noticed there's been some silence on my blog lately. If I could, I would write a blog post every day because I truly enjoy it. But, life gets in the way, and my blog gets pushed to the back burner. I've been wanting to create an outfit post for weeks...maybe even months. The problem is that my husband and I have one day off together, and that is a Sunday. And pretty much every Sunday it rains. Don't even get me started. It is a HUGE bummer. So, we spend most Sundays cooped up in the house. Buenos Aires has broken rain records this year....we've been on the receiving end of the most rain in 150 years! Sometimes it will even rain on Saturdays right now. Too rainy to go out, and too dark to take any decent photos indoors. Can you sense my frustration?

And I know the dogs feel the same way as me. I mean, look at them now....

On the bright side, I think I will FINALLY finish the third Hunger Games book today.....Yes, I am that far behind on the whole Hunger Games craze. And I have a whole stack of books that's waiting for me after that. I miss reading. I wish I did it more. Yet another thing I put on the back burner.

Sorry for this rambling (and complaining) post. It can't all be sunshine and roses, right? I thought that you guys deserved an update. Now, what I AM excited for is Christmas with my family, that is coming oh-so-soon! I'm excited for spending some Q.T. with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. I'm excited about making Christmas Eve appetizers (a tradition in my family) & some other yummy holiday treats, the amazing shopping that the US has to offer (not only the malls, but the supermarkets too....Whole Food and Trader Joe's, here I come! Side note: I have never been to a Trader Joe's before and am accepting any and all product recommendations.) I'm excited for that southwestern air, those dessert sunsets, and that feeling of disconnect from the big city. I'm excited for trying new restaurants and playing the role of customer instead of owner. And, I'm excited to take lots and lots of photos to post here! We'll also be taking a little trip to Vegas (my first!) and, GUESS WHAT.... I'm excited about that, too!

It will be a vacation much deserved, especially for my husband who has been working his butt off day AND night since we reopened the restaurant, and I could not be more proud. I honestly don't know how he does it. Tomas are you reading this post? Probably not. Don't worry, I'll let you know I gave you a shout-out. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!

What's everyone else been up to these days? What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?

Wishing you all a very HAPPY WEEKEND! Thank you for reading! <3

Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Black Friday Purchases

I kept myself in check this year, and limited my Black Friday shopping to just one store: Missguided. I first found out about Missguided a few months ago via the blog, In the Frow. The blogger, Victoria, is always showcasing all of her cute purchases from there, and I knew that I needed to check it out. I was weary about placing an order while everything was full-priced (since I have never made any purchases from there before), so I thought Black Friday was the perfect opportunity to try out what Missguided has to offer.

The past year I have been going through a British clothing phase, making a lot of clothing purchases from Topshop, Asos, and now,  Missguided. The online clothing stores I've found from the UK (and Europe) seem to take more risks in their design and have fun with it. While I have toned down my style as I've gotten older, I am FAR from conservative. So, lets get to the fun part!

My Black Friday Purchases:

Alyx Zip Side Split Midi Skirt in Khaki
(Originally $28.48)

Elania Long Sleeve Ribbed Jersey Crop Top in Oxblood (Originally $18.98)
Pearl Ribbed Jersey Midi Skirt in Oxblood (Originally $28.48)

Martha Contrast Panel Textured Crop Top in White
(Originally $28.48)

Tillie Contrast Panel Textured Midi Skirt in White
(Originally $28.48)

Celine Teddy Faux Fur in Pink
(Originally $104.48)

The Sale: Get 30% off of everything when you type in CYBER30 at checkout!
So, how much money did I save?


(30% off all items, plus jacket was on double sale: marked down + 30% off)

I SAVED: $84.51!!!

I've turned into a bit of a sale fiend over the past few years, and now I wonder why I ever paid full price for things!

Have you shopped the Black Friday sales yet, or are you waiting for Cyber Monday?