Monday, July 21, 2014

When life gives you cucumbers, make pickles

Life didn't exactly "give" me cucumbers...I purposely went out and bought them, as well as radishes, with the intention of pickling them. I went on a pickling binge a couple of weekends ago, and am now enjoying the fruits (or should I say pickles?) of my labor.

Tomas and I had purchased The Art of Preserving cookbook from Williams-Sonoma over a year ago and never made any of the recipes. We looked at it a few times and decided everything was too complicated, required too many special tools, and/or was too time consuming.

Recently, I revisited the book and decided to give the pickles a go. I partly mixed two different pickle recipes and partly did my own thing. It actually didn't turn out to be as complicated as I thought it would be!

I used what I had (in terms of cooking tools) and created my own pickling spice. I also made radishes and roasted red peppers, and they all turned out amazing! I can't wait to make more, and it looks like I will have to do that soon since we are blasting through these jars!

Pickles: Vinegar brine, garlic, black pepper corns, mustard seeds, celery seed spice, cloves & fresh fennel (sealed in water bath, and set aside for two weeks).

Roasted Red Peppers: Olive oil, garlic, fresh ginger and red pepper flakes. (Not sealed, and eaten pretty much immediately).

Spicy Pickles: Vinegar brine, black pepper corns, white pepper, red pepper flakes, thai chili peppers, cloves and garlic (sealed in water bath and set aside for two weeks). 

Radishes: Vinegar brine, black pepper corns, fresh fennel, mustard seeds, celery seed spice (sealed in water bath and set aside for two weeks).

Have you tried pickling before? If so, do you have any must-try recipes for me?

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Back in 2011 when I was Little Miss Muffin, and you could buy a muffin for 5 pesos... 
Avenida 9 de Julio looked a whole lot different then as well...

When I first moved to Buenos Aires, I baked & sold muffins at the San Telmo Fair on Sundays. It was a short-lived job/hobby where I usually ended up spending my profits of the day on other items at the fair.  Oh, the memories!

Where's Little Miss Muffin?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who'll stop the rain?

 Jacket- Nasty Gal; Top- River Island via Nelly (here); Jeans- Topshop; Boots- Clona; Bag- Las Pepas

We finally had some free time to shoot a few OOTD shots, and of course it started raining. I guess it is winter, so I should just get used to it and be grateful that it's only rain, and not snow!

Recently, I've been gravitating more toward neutral clothing, but that doesn't mean I still don't enjoy colorful pieces or mixing patterns. So, today I decided to take a neutral black & white striped top and pair it with some unexpected, floral embroidered jeans. I kept my shoes & jacket neutral, as well as my makeup and added come pops of color through my nails and my bag.

The jacket, the top, and the jeans are all pieces I got during amazing sales and they are some really comfortable, and quality pieces which I know will last me through seasons to come! I'd like to make a special note about the jeans which are from Topshop. The rise is perfect, the fit is perfect, the length is perfect....everything about these jeans is PERFECT. So, after being quite pleased with this pair, I purchased another pair from Topshop which also fit like a glove & are super comfortable. I think it's safe to say I finally found the perfect brand of jeans for my body type. If you haven't tried Topshop jeans yet, I think they are definitely worth checking out.

We could only take a few photos outside before it started pouring, so I took some close-ups of my makeup & nails inside...

~Neutral Eyes & Lips~
Eyeshadow: NYX Adorable Palette;
Eyeliner: Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in 006 Deep Blue (upper lash line)
& 004 Taupe (lower lash line);
Lipliner: Rimmel Lasting Finish- 1,000 Kisses Stay-On Lip Pencil in 049 Natural;
Lipstick: NARS Dolce Vita; Lipgloss: NARS Sweet Revenge

Nail Polish: L'oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis in 604 Metropolitan
Accent Nail: Maybelline Color Show in Fierce 'N Tangy + Sephora by OPI Only Gold for Me (glitter topcoat)

Rainy days mean lounging on the couch with the baby...

What do you guys do on a rainy day? I caught up on some of my favorite blogs, ordered in sushi, watched the Brazil vs. Holland game, wrote this blog post, and now I think I'll do some crocheting.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend :-)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Argentina goes to the finals!

I have to be honest.... I didn't know if we would pull through yesterday, but Argentina played an awesome game and Romero (once again, goalie saving the day) worked his magic during penalty shots. And the second we scored that last penalty shot, Buenos Aires did not waste a second in beginning the celebration. An instant party ensued, with people cheering on the sidewalks dressed in their most festive outfits and crazy traffic filled the streets, everyone on their way to celebrate at the Obelisco. While Tomas and I couldn't escape from the bar, the team spirit was not only felt at the bar, but also around every single corner in Buenos Aires.

Some snapshots from the night....

If you want to see how the rest of the country celebrated, check out La Nacion's Photo Gallery here. I love looking at all the photos of everyone so happy & excited. Pretty crazy how important soccer is in the everyday person's life here.

Now, it's time to face Germany for the third time in the World Cup finals...May the best team win, and may the Pope be with us ;-)