Friday, May 25, 2012

Mixing Patterns

For the longest time I swore I hated polka dots, but recently I have been drawn to them. I went through my closet a few weeks ago, and as it turns out I've always had a thing for polka dots. I found 3 polka dot dresses, 1 pair of polka dot shorts, a polka dot makeup bag,  a polka dot headband and my latest purchase: a polka dot fuzzy sweater.

Today, Tomas and I went to his grandparents to eat homemade empanadas (which were nothing short of excellent). Whenever we go to his grandparents I like to get dressed up, and I was due for a dressy day anyway since my daily attire is usually something comfortable and/or something that I don't mind getting ruined at work.

I love when I see patterns being mixed in fashion magazines or in store windows, so I decided to try my hand at it today. 

Presenting Polka Dots & Stripes:

The one-arm photo

The nervous smile photo

The spooky ghost photo

The butt implant photo

The "enough is enough" photo

One of my favorite pairs of earrings.
Subtle enough to wear everyday, but also guaranteed
to give your outfit that little bit of edge.

I don't know how those fashion bloggers to do it. Having someone take pictures of you for your blog is pretty awkward, but I guess I will just have to get used to it. Props to Tomas for the top notch photography and for his unlimited patience.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Making banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend...

Oh wait, it is the weekend.

Sorry my posts have been limited recently. It's been a crazy week. Now I am sick, but at least it gives me a chance to sit in bed and write this post.

Thank you to everyone who said their prayers for me.... I got my "certificado de residencia precaria" on Thursday! Ahh, what a weight lifted off my shoulders! Now time to focus on the wedding, FINALLY!

I wanted to share some  pics with you guys from last weekend that I never got a chance to post. I was really in the mood to have something homemade & sweet for breakfast, so I started to search Pinterest for some easy pancake recipes, hoping that I would have all the ingredients at home already. Not long after searching I found this easy recipe for buttermilk pancakes. They came out perfectly fluffy and delicious! I will definitely use this recipe again and again.

Get your hot flapjacks!

I ate mine with crema & dulce de leche. (Syrup doesn't exist here).

Oh and I have a question for you guys. Last weekend I bought these beautiful flowers:

They look somewhere in between a mum and a sunflower. They are really tiny and appear almost like dried flowers. Any idea what these are called? I really like them. They look great in the house and last a long time. It's been over a week and they still holding up. These give my favorite flower (colored daisies) a run for their money.

Final note:
Today I am trying to decide if I should get my hair done or not.  I'm getting really bored of this dirty blonde/gray nonsense. I'm not sure if anyone will even take a "day of" appointment, but I'm willing to try as long as I have some sort of idea of what I want to do with my hair. Suggestions appreciated! What should be my new "do"???

Monday, May 14, 2012

Update on El Tucumano

I know everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting to hear news on Tucu's status and how his first week as a domestic dog was...

Well, Tucu has made himself quite at home. He frequents the futon more than Agatha, makes a bed out of anything he can get his little patas on (so far that includes phone bills, dirty socks, and Tomas' robe), and greets Tomas and I at the door whenever we return home. And in addition to a normal greeting, I even get hugs. Yes, I'm bragging because this is the first time this has happened to me.

Agatha has been very accepting and tolerant of Tucu and she doesn't mind sharing her space, her food or her bed. AND, they LOVE to play together. Who would have thought Agatha (who usually sits on her throne all day) would love to play? I sure didn't. I think they are each other's first friend.

Below are some pics of the little Tucu Monster, as well as his sister and new BFF, Angel Agatha.
First time at the park

In the beginning, he actually behaved at the park. Now it's another story.
He sleeps with his paws covering his face.

Me and the little monster

He just can't get enough of me.

Tucu & Aggy getting to know one another.

The angel under the table waiting for someone to drop some crumbs.



Just being.


Does this photo look familiar?

Sometimes he'll just hold this position for a few minutes.

I think he thinks the futon was made for him.


Looking like the king of the jungle.

Learning to share...but not with us.

I now watch TV from the dining room table.

Ah, what a long day.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Playing with Color

I've always been a fan of color. There have been many times when I've gone over the top when decorating a room or putting together an outfit. Some might call it crazy, some might call it ugly, Joan Rivers might make fun of me on "Fashion Police," but at least it's not boring.

When I saw this new nail trend that Free People posted on Pinterest, I knew I had to try it. It's called Skittle Nails. Basically, it's painting your nails more than one color. It can be as modest as a two-tone combo or as crazy as a different color for every finger. As this is something that I have always secretly wanted to do, I was excited to see that it is now considered a "beauty trend" by Free People.

I decided to go for the five color combo, and I have to say I really like it. I'm sure only a small percent of the human population will appreciate it this trend, but for now I'm loving it and rocking it.

Trying to decide on a color scheme...

I narrowed it down to two options. This is Option #1.

Option #2

I decided on Option #1.
From thumb to pinky:
Essie in Innocent, Essie in Bahama Mama, Sally Hansen in Pacific Blue,
CADI Line in a light shimmery mermaid green and FACE Stockholm in #105. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Being productive has it's perks

Around 5pm last Sunday, I realized I had nothing to show for my weekend and decided I had to do something about it. That something of course involved food. I looked for easy cookie recipes online and was able to find something that I already had all the ingredients for: SNICKDERDOODLES. YUM. It's been months since I've eaten an American style cookie, and I actually forgot how good they were. I think I must have made 2 dozen or more, and now it's one week later and somehow they've all disappeared. They were a hit with both Tomas and Agatha (don't worry, she only got a small crumb). Unfortunately, Tucu missed out, but I'm sure there will be some yummy treats in his future.

At this point I wished I had an electric mixer, but at least I burned some cals.

Some got a little burnt on the bottom, but otherwise a success.

Had some extra dough so I made a giant sprinkle cookie...

...which we later piled ice cream on top of.
Did I mention the ice cream in Buenos Aires is the best you'll ever taste?
Well, it's true.

Hope I didn't make you guys too hungry! Happy TGIF!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Everyday is Agatha's Day

Well last Monday was El Dia de los Animales here in Argentina. I didn't know until half way through the day that is was a special animal holiday, but Agatha spent the day just like any other day......eating treats, laying on the futon, getting brushed, and hanging out with her friends at the park. Just kidding, she has no friends.

After Animal Day, I was inspired to take some new pics of my Tomas' furry companion. Here she is in all her glory, on the futon & in the bed.

Look at that form!

baby teeth

Agatha's on the futon and I'm on the floor. What's wrong with this?


getting the hang of being a model

Lazy Saturday with Noodles

morning stretch before starting the day

Merry Weekend!