Saturday, August 31, 2013

In-house Yarn Bombing

Today was another beautiful winter day (72 degrees to be exact), so I decided to tend to our little garden on the balcony, clean things up a bit and get ready for spring! My creative juices were flowing and I decided I wanted to "yarn bomb" our ficus tree. I had some extra yarn lying around from when I made scarves for Agatha & Willy and there wasn't much else I could do with it, so I took that as my cue to use it to "yarn bomb" our tree.

The first time I ever saw "yarn bombing" was on our honeymoon in Bariloche, Patagonia. Many of the tree trunks in town were covered in bright yarn and colorful crocheted designs. It's very aesthetically pleasing and the trees look so cheerful with their yarn coverings!
"Yarn bombed" telephone booth in Bariloche.
My "yarn bombing" was done on a smaller, simpler scale, but I love how it looks none-the-less. It was a little more difficult than I expected, as the branches I was working with were smaller and closer together, but that just required a little more patience. I didn't mind since I was getting tan in the process.

Take a peek at the finished result below!

My first branch

Finished product...might end up doing some more branches this week though.
Tiny "yarn bombed" flower pot

And the newest addition to my garden:

Picked up this gem during our afternoon in Tigre, Buenos Aires.
Photos of Tigre trip to come soon.

Hope everyone has a beautiful, long weekend! Look forward to a delicious recipe coming Monday morning!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Recipe :: Spanish Chicken with Chorizo & Garlic

Monday was a beyond beautiful day, so Tomas and I decided to take advantage of the weather and cook outside on the balcony. Tomas has a disco, which is basically a large pan that is powered by gas and can be used to cook outside. People usually use discos to cook rice dishes or stews (for example, paella or lentil soup).

I decided to go to one of my favorite sites, foodgawker, to search for "disco appropriate" recipes and came across Spanish Chicken with Chorizo & Garlic. It was pretty simple to make, and I love any meal that can be cooked using only one pan. While ours did not turn out like the photo on the blog, it tasted absolutely delicious! Very flavorful, but I would recommend it more for Fall or Winter as it was a bit of a heavier dish.

We did make a few changes to the recipe:
1.) We substituted regular sausage in place of the spanish chorizo because we do not have Spanish chorizo here. You can find Spanish chorizo in the US, but it is not the easiest to get your hands on, and when you do you're going to PAY. For the record, I don't think the substitution of sausages made that much of a difference.
2.) We used dry thyme instead of fresh thyme because that's what was available at the supermarket.

First, we cooked the chicken and the sausage.

Table of ingredients

Next, we took out the meat and cooked the garlic, onions and leeks

We put the meat back in the pan and added the chicken stock, white wine & spices.

Lastly, we added the beans.

Not the best presentation, but oh so good!

We're looking forward to a Spring and Summer full of disco-inspired dishes :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I can't stop raving about chia...

About a month and a half ago, I was feeling exhausted all the time, with no energy. In general I was just feeling "blah." Finally I got tired of feeling tired and decided to make a change, and I knew where the change had to be made: in my diet. Since then I have incorporated many more vegetables into my diet (I try to eat vegetarian two out of my three meals a day), as well as chia seeds.

I had read about the benefits of chia for a long time, but was never interested in trying it. I thought, "Isn't that the same chia people used to grow their Chia Pets?" And the answer is yes, yes it is. I continued to read more about it, and kept discovering even more health benefits and decided I would give it a try. 

At the health food stores in Buenos Aires there are two types of chia: chia seeds and crushed chia. I opted for the crushed chia, which is similar to a powder. I find that the crushed chia is easy to incorporate into most of your meals without tasting it or feeling the texture. I have read that the daily recommended serving size of chia is 1- 4 tablespoons. I usually eat one tablespoon a day and have noticed results. Each person's body will of course react differently.

How do I integrate chia into my meals? Well, for breakfast I like to mix it in with my yogurt or sprinkle it on top of a peanut butter & jelly rice cake.  For lunch and/or dinner, I've used it in salads, sauces for pasta or rice dishes, and purees such as pumpkin puree, mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes. These are just a few of the endless uses for chia!

Want to find out more about chia?

Stay tuned for some new healthy recipes that taste great and that chia can be incorporated into!