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Pumpkin & Spider Surprise Balls


Much of my childhood was spent sitting on the floor of my bedroom making some sort of artsy creation (and I still continue to this day, except I've moved my workspace to a table) But, when it comes to the holidays, I don't care for decorating or making special crafts because you can only enjoy them for such a short time. It's been a while since I last "crafted" and having just received an invitation to a Halloween party this coming week, I thought I'd try my hand at a festive & cute craft.

I got my inspiration from this post on Oh Happy Day. I'm really starting to appreciate the crafts that she shares on her blog. They're simple, fun and are sure to add a special touch to any party.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Recipe :: No-Bake Cake Batter Truffles

I've made this recipe twice now. The first time I made these truffles I knew that I liked them, but wasn't sure if I loved them. The second time around solidified my feelings... I LOVE THESE CAKE BATTER TRUFFLES. The recipe makes somewhere between 24 and 30 truffles; I think I was able to make 26 out of the batter. These are very rich (great with a glass of cold milk), so if you are not a sweet tooth you might want to make the individual truffles a bit smaller in size. I have a huge sweet tooth, and with these truffles my fix was satisfied, popping four a day (yes, I'm painfully admitting that to all of you). Needless to say, these bite-sized pieces of heaven did not last for long.

These truffles are incredibly easy to make (Just be careful when you are melting the chocolate. I overcooked mine in the microwave the first time). They are the perfect entertaining snack (I brought a batch to a birthday party), but it's also great to have a secret stash in your refrigerator just for yourself (it's up to you whether you want to include any VIPs in on your secret).

The first time I made these, I made them with the white chocolate as shown in the recipe on Chef in Training. The second time I decided to make half with white chocolate and half with regular chocolate. I thought that I bought milk chocolate, but when I made them they looked more like dark chocolate and tasted more like dark chocolate. I'm still not sure what chocolate I used but I'm positive the recipe tastes equally as good using any of the three chocolates. It also just occurred to me that this could be a great recipe to make for a Halloween party---just use festively colored sprinkles.

The process in photos:

A few notes about the recipe:
-Milk is not listed under the ingredients, but rather in the directions. You will need about 3 Tbsp. of milk. The batter will not come together if you do not use this.
-There are two ways of making the truffles: smooth or texturized. I chose smooth which means that you do not need to add any cake mix to the melted chocolate.
-The recipe calls for 1 tsp. of vanilla, but in every recipe that calls for vanilla I always use double the amount...I don't know why... maybe for good measure? So change your 1 tsp. of vanilla to 2 tsp.

If anyone decides to make these, let me know what you think! And if you decide to do the Halloween version, please send me pics!


New post coming this afternoon!

Hi peeps!

Normally I have my Friday post prepared a day or two in advance, but yesterday we were having the house fumigated so I had to take the dogs out while that was happening. Anyway, I guess we returned back to the house too soon for the dogs because they started feeling sick. Tomas and I decided we had to keep them out of the house for as long as possible, so after 4 or 5 walks (alternating between the two of us), 2 vet visits, and a chilly evening lounge session outside, we finally returned home and they're feeling much better now! Phew!

I'm just having some brain food right now (the generic version of fruit loops and 2 cups of coffee) and a yummy new recipe should be up for you guys later this afternoon!

Thanks for sticking with me!

breakfast of champions

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some photos from our sunny Saturday...

We heard that the Feria de Mataderos (Mataderos Fair) was coming to our area this past weekend, and we have always wanted to go. Normally the fair takes place in Mataderos, which is technically part of Capital Federal, but is as far away from the center as you could possibly get. This weekend they had I guess what you can call a "pop-up" fair in Recoleta, which is only a short walk from our apartment.

Passed through the Recoleta Fair in Plaza Francia on the way...

Spotted this cute couple in a tree.
I couldn't help myself.
For a moment I felt like I was doing an engagement session.

The fair was much smaller than I had expected. I don't think that all of the vendors came out for the "pop-up" version, which is a shame. I also don't think they advertised it well because the fair was pretty quiet for 2pm on a Saturday. I got to try my first tamale though, so for me it was worth it.


I'm not exactly sure what kind of tamale I had, but it seemed to be filled with ground beef & spices.

There were some stands with handmade goods, much like the fairs in Recoleta & San Telmo, but there were also food product stands including country meats, cheeses, breads & preserves. Who doesn't love a queso del campo? Although I have to say I prefer to buy mine on the side of the road in the countryside of Buenos Aires province. It just seems more authentic that way.

Salame & cheese as far as the eye can see

Preserves, pickled vegetables and honey in many forms.

They also had traditional Argentine dancers and musicians that performed (for free)!

Afterwards we headed back home, taking a detour through what I think is one of the nicest, quietest and probably most expensive places to live in the city. You walk up these large stone steps, and you literally enter into an oasis. This "oasis" is a raised plateau, where some of the most beautiful apartment buildings are arranged in a circular formation. I like to visit this place on my daily walks for a moment of peace, quiet and beautiful surroundings.

"stairway to heaven"

balconies full of bright flowers

blooming trees on Av. General Las Heras & Av. Pueyrredon

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Patterned & Printed Cloth Napkins

In our house paper towels serve two purposes:
1.) For cleaning and 2.) As a napkin substitute

For day to day use, I don't see the need to buy paper napkins when I can get paper towels and use them for cleaning and as napkins. But, when we have guests over to the house it is nice to supply them with something other than a paper towel next to their plate. *Enter cloth napkins*

I think this is one of those things that you start to have an appreciation for once you have your own place and start becoming an "adult." I no longer find myself lusting after clothes, but rather homewares and my latest obsession has been patterned & printed cloth napkins. I love that you can find a special pattern/print for every season, holiday and occasion. It's amazing how something as simple as a napkin can completely transform your dining table aesthetic.

For my birthday, I asked for my first set of linen napkins and have been very excited (maybe overly excited) to use them when guests come over for dinner.

You can find these napkins here (gold) and here (blue).

Some of my other favorite finds & items on my wishlist:

pebbles on oatmeal || block printed linen napkins || juliepeach || etsy

birds and co in brown || block printed cloth napkins || juliepeach || etsy

parisian napkin || terrain

dotted napkin (on sale!) || terrain

moon fragments napkin set (on sale!) || leif

nesting dolls || screen printed organic cloth napkins || oh, little rabbit || etsy

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custom color hand painted dots || linen napkins || Labzazuza || etsy

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They also have these adorable puppy printed napkins here.

fern-allium-willow-chrysanthemum-berry branch || linen blend hand printed napkins || windsparrow studio 2 || etsy