Saturday, March 29, 2014

In-house Construction...Ahhh!!!

Over here in our neck of the woods, Tomas and I made the decision to convert an outdoor storage area on our patio into an indoor walk-in closet which will connect to our bedroom. We're in weekend numero dos of construction right now, and I'm torn between wishing it to end as fast as possible and hoping that the guys take their time and do a good job. The house is slowly, but surely filling up with dust (as you can expect when are you doing any sort of in-house renovation) and for a person who loves everything clean & neat, this is torture! I've currently locked myself up in the spare room with my computer and am pretending this isn't happening. Somehow I managed to make room for myself amidst all of our belongings...

I know most blogs will feature photos of their neat & clean houses with their perfectly placed adornments. As much as I wish that was a reality right now, it's not. This is what my reality looks like. Time to embrace the craziness & clutter!

I think I'm going to head out later this afternoon for a walk & snap some photos! Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! xoxo

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