Monday, April 28, 2014

Nivea Raspberry Rose Lip Butter

Nivea is one of the leading beauty brands in Argentina ---you can find it everywhere and it is very affordable. When it comes to lip products here, the two main brands are: Chaptstick & Nivea. I prefer the Nivea formula, their packaging, and all of the amazing scents and tints they come in. So, it's no surprise that my Nivea lip product collection is ever growing....

(The three pink Nivea lip balms are from here, and the green & yellow ones are from the US)

Yesterday I had to stop by Farmacity to pick up some things for Tomas (I'm playing nurse for the week, which has made me realize that I could never be a nurse) and of course I can't leave Farmacity without getting something for myself. As I've mentioned before, Farmacity is just like your CVS, you go in for one small thing and you leave $60 later. In this case I was spending pesos, and you'd have to buy an awful lot of stuff to spend $60 dollars worth in pesos. Nevertheless, I won't admit to you how much I spent on body products and candy. Every girl needs an indulgent day once in a while, right?

Anyway, I was waiting in line to checkout and admiring all of the cute, little pharmacy products around me. I usually have the self-control to pass up on most of the gimmicks, but I always have my eye out for lip balms, butters, glosses. For me, there's no greater joy than discovering a new lip balm flavor. Ok, maybe I have some other greater joys in life, but a new lip balm does brighten my day. I just glanced up at what I've written so far and can't believe I'm rambling so much just to tell you about a lip balm, so let's cut to the chase!

I noticed these new lip butters from Nivea---they have three flavors: Original, Vanilla & Macadamia, and Raspberry Rose. I was in between the last two choices, and quite frankly I wanted to get both, but in the end I thought it was better that I try it out first and see how I like it. So, I went with the Raspberry Rose and it smells divine! The raspberry scent is light & fresh, which I love! Some raspberry scents can be sickly sweet, but this one is a home run. I also love the little tin packaging---very visually appealing to me.

I just checked and they have a pretty great selection of Nivea lip products. In fact, they have this lip butter in another scent: Caramel Cream Kiss! Doesn't that sound so good? Maybe we'll get a Dulce de Leche Kiss flavor here soon ;)

So if you haven't tried out the Nivea lip products yet, my question to you is: What are you waiting for?!


PS- I wrote this post at 8am and I honestly have no idea why I was such a Chatty Kathy. In any case, I hope you enjoyed reading!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Travel Shot

Looking back on old photos from my trip to Portugal reminded me of just how charming Porto is! I had a lot of great photos to choose from, but I decided to go with this one. I love how the colored buildings facades look against the grey, stormy sky.

Porto, Portugal

Food with Flavor

Last week I took Tomas out for dinner to celebrate his birthday. Since I know he loves hearty & spicy food, I thought that NOLA Buenos Aires sounded like the perfect place to take him. The atmosphere was warm & welcoming, the service was excellent, and the food was so delicious!! Tomas had been sick with a nasty cold, and for fear of having a coughing attack in the middle of the restaurant, we ate our food and left pretty quickly. But, we're still talking about the first course (it's now almost a week later) and I'm hoping we can get back there again to try even more yummy dishes!

Our meal consisted of four courses:

First Course ---Torta frita with ceviche, black beans, corn, and avocado (if I'm remembering correctly). It was AMAZING. I could have eaten about 6, easily. Anything with ceviche is a winner in my book.

Second Course: Gumbo!! I couldn't tell you what exactly was in it, but I can say that it was really hearty and had a great kick to it! It's refreshing to eat spicy food out at a restaurant in Buenos Aires.

Third Course: Braised Pork with grits and butternut squash puree with coconut milk
The pork was so tender and flavorful, and the butternut squash with the addition of coconut milk---amazing!! I have to say I was getting tired of all of the butternut squash puree we eat in Argentina, but the coconut milk totally renovates it!

As you can see, I started eating before I remembered to take a photo!

Fourth Course: Blueberry & Chocolate Tart
I ate the whole thing and completely forgot to take a photo! Sorry guys, sometimes there's just no time for photos. I don't think I've ever had a blueberry dessert that was mixed with chocolate before and I'm not sure why more desserts don't use blueberry and chocolate together---the perfect marriage of tart & sweet!

**If you are visiting Buenos Aires, I would add this to your restaurants-to-eat-at list. And if you live in Buenos Aires, this is the perfect spot to go for a unique experience with great food!

Oh gosh, now I'm hungry again. Take me back to NOLA ASAP.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mixing Seasons

It's technically Fall in Argentina, but apart from a few blustery days, it really hasn't been all that cold here. On Easter Sunday, the weather was decent and I wanted to wear a little bit of color, since usually we associate Easter with pretty pastel colors. So as not to look super summer-y with my tropical flower pants, I paired them with a muted yellow sweater. I thought the end result was cheery, and super comfy!

Sweater - Free People
Pants - Zara
Alpargatas - Paez (Hard to tell in the photos, but in person they are actually bright silver & super glittery!)
Necklace - Anthropologie
Bag - Leaders in Leather

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Recipe :: Juicy Smoothie

I made this smoothie yesterday and called it an "Easter" smoothie. Really, it's just another delicious smoothie that you can make any time of year, so I thought I would share the simple recipe with you.
Juicy Banana-Peach Smoothie
Serves 1-2

1 banana, cut into pieces
1 peach, pitted & cut into pieces
1 container vanilla yogurt (190g)
splash of multi-fruit juice
3 ice cubes
spoonful of crushed chia (optional)

Put all ingredients into a blender and blend on high until smooth.

The juice in this smoothie adds a nice sweetness to the smoothie and makes it even more refreshing! You'll notice in the photos that there is no chia in my smoothie today. Since I was making it for both Tomas and myself, I added in my crushed chia afterwards.

I love my two-fruit smoothies---super simple & delicious!

What are your favorite smoothie flavors? I'd love to hear any suggestions!

Easter Treats

Huevo de Pascua

Rosca de Pascua

Easter smoothie!
What makes this smoothie so Easter?
Only the fact that it's pastel yellow and that I drank it with a chick straw.
Recipe will be up soon!

My mom sent me this candle in my last package. It smells soooo good, although I had never heard of the scent "Lapin".
Well, I did some research and as it turns out, lapin is not the scent. It just means rabbit in French.
I don't think any candle companies will be making rabbit-scented candles anytime soon.
Anyway....the real scent of this candle is "sweet grass" and I have it burning now.

Our plans for the day include: relaxing, dying easter eggs, maybe go out for a long walk with the doggies later (I really wish I had bunny ears to put on them).

Friday, April 18, 2014

NYX Makeup Haul

After falling in love with the NYX Butter Glosses and Butter Balms, I decided that I needed to dig deeper into the soul of NYX. Since NYX products aren't available in Argentina, I had to purchase my products online, sight unseen.  Basically I was just hoping that the colors of the makeup shown on the screen were accurate and that the formulas were just as good as the ones I had already tried from NYX.

First things first....first impressions are everything, and NYX sure does know how to make a first impression, packaging your little purchases in a sweet, black lace bag. 1 point for NYX.

I started out just looking for eyeshadows palettes, but ended up buying a little something for each part of my face. (That sounded weird, but you know what I mean).

How adorable is this Adorable eye shadow palette?! The palette is pretty compact in size and comes with 6 colors: 3 mattes, 2 shimmers and 1 highlight. I think that this is a very wearable palette and one that I can hopefully create a few different looks out of.

Behind the Adorable palette is the Love in Rio palette in the color Barefoot in the Sand. This is a beautiful combination of beiges. You get one matte shadow, one shimmer shadow and one highlight. I purposely chose this palette from the Love in Rio collection because it didn't contain any of the same colors as the Adorable palette. This took quite a few minutes of cross referencing, but I wanted to make sure I got the most bang for my buck. Besides who wants two of the same eye shadow?

I tried out the Sunkissed Radiant Finishing Powder the other day and it gave me such a beautiful glow! I've never bought a multi-color finishing powder before, and now I don't know why I waited so long! It adds that perfect finishing touch.

I had not yet tried the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and was intrigued by the amazing color range they had online, so I ended up buying not one, but three lip creams. All of the colors are named after cities around the world (love that idea), so how could I resist?! From left to right you have San Paulo, Buenos Aires and Istanbul.

Here I have swatched the Soft Matte Lip Creams. The formula is very creamy & their claims are true! I really like San Paolo & Istanbul and think that I will get a lot of use out of those colors. The Buenos Aires color, on the other hand, I'm not that crazy about, but then again I only really bought it for the name. Who knows, maybe I'll come around to liking it.

I realized the other day that I have an orange-red lipstick, a berry-red lip stain but no true red lip products in my collection! Oh, the horror!
So, when I saw this classic red butter lipstick online, I thought that it would do a good job of filling the void in my collection.
I also purchased a blush in the color Mauve, which in person does not seem to be all that mauve, but more of a simple, warm-toned pink. Nonetheless, it is pretty and I'm sure I will wear it a lot. And finally, I added another Butter Balm to my collection in Panna Cotta. The Butter Balms are great for a subtle pop of color that makes you look like a better version of yourself, on those "no makeup" makeup days.

I still have to try out most of these products, but so far I am very pleased and excited to have found quality makeup for a great price!

If you are interested in testing out NYX for yourself, here are the links to the products I purchased:
The Adorable Shadow Palette
Love in Rio Eye Shadow Palette in Barefoot in the Sand
Radiant Finishing Powder in Sunkissed
Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo, Buenos Aires and Istanbul
Butter Lipstick in Mary Janes
Powder Blush in Mauve
Butter Lip Balm in Panna Cotta
And the makeup puff I'm pretty sure I got for free because I have no recollection of ordering that!

While I was on the website getting those links for you I noticed two things:
1.) They are offering free shipping on all U.S. orders over $25. Now that's something to take advantage of!
2.) They just came out with these Infinite Shadow Sticks which look amazing. Just wanted to share that.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Travel Shot / Happy Birthday Tomas!

For today's post I wanted to share a photo of one of my favorite trips with one of my favorite people...

Villa La Angostura || Patagonia || Argentina

Happy Birthday, Tomas!!! Wishing you a wonderful day & an even better year!! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

La Notte

Well, it's officially fall in Buenos Aires. From one day to another, the temperature dropped and we now find ourselves having to put a coat on before heading out the door. While the temps only dropped about 10 degrees, it's that initial cold shock you feel that makes you not want to leave your house. Of course your body gets used to the chillier weather eventually, but those first days of cold weather always feel EXTRA cold. I'm reading what I'm typing, and I'm sounding pretty dramatic considering I'm talking about temperatures in the 60s here. What have I become?!

Anywayyyy, I was originally planning on wearing shorts this day, but unfortunately I think I'm going to have to wait until spring to break those out again. I wanted to wear something that was low-maintenance and that would keep me warm, and this La Notte sweatshirt was just the thing! I'm really happy about the fact that sweatshirts are now socially acceptable to wear out and come in so many cool designs! This is a trend that I hope is here to stay, (especially since I just bought another sweatshirt.)

On this day, I went for a sport/urban look, but I'm also looking forward to wearing this sweatshirt with skirts and with jeans. How about you guys? Have you added any sweatshirts to your everyday, going-out wardrobe?

Sweatshirt - La Notte via Aritzia
Snakeskin Pattern Leggings - AQUA via Bloomingdale's
Sneakers - Converse Pro Blaze Hi-Top in White/Royal
Nail Polish - Maybelline Color Show in Blue Jeans
Eyeliner- NARS Eyeshadow in Night Breed
Lipstick - Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color in Dollhouse Pink
Lipgloss - Rimmel Vinyl Max Lipgloss in Dazzle