Saturday, July 26, 2014

Today marks 3 years in Argentina...

I was just browsing through old photos on my computer, and realized that three years ago, today, I arrived in Buenos Aires.......CRAZY!  
Anyway, I thought I'd put together some photos from around Buenos Aires over the years...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Time to make dinner!

Monday, July 21, 2014

When life gives you cucumbers, make pickles

Life didn't exactly "give" me cucumbers...I purposely went out and bought them, as well as radishes, with the intention of pickling them. I went on a pickling binge a couple of weekends ago, and am now enjoying the fruits (or should I say pickles?) of my labor.

Tomas and I had purchased The Art of Preserving cookbook from Williams-Sonoma over a year ago and never made any of the recipes. We looked at it a few times and decided everything was too complicated, required too many special tools, and/or was too time consuming.

Recently, I revisited the book and decided to give the pickles a go. I partly mixed two different pickle recipes and partly did my own thing. It actually didn't turn out to be as complicated as I thought it would be!

I used what I had (in terms of cooking tools) and created my own pickling spice. I also made radishes and roasted red peppers, and they all turned out amazing! I can't wait to make more, and it looks like I will have to do that soon since we are blasting through these jars!

Pickles: Vinegar brine, garlic, black pepper corns, mustard seeds, celery seed spice, cloves & fresh fennel (sealed in water bath, and set aside for two weeks).

Roasted Red Peppers: Olive oil, garlic, fresh ginger and red pepper flakes. (Not sealed, and eaten pretty much immediately).

Spicy Pickles: Vinegar brine, black pepper corns, white pepper, red pepper flakes, thai chili peppers, cloves and garlic (sealed in water bath and set aside for two weeks). 

Radishes: Vinegar brine, black pepper corns, fresh fennel, mustard seeds, celery seed spice (sealed in water bath and set aside for two weeks).

Have you tried pickling before? If so, do you have any must-try recipes for me?