Monday, April 27, 2015

Date Night

Last night Tomas and I went out to one of our favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires....

NOLA is a gastropub located in the Palermo Viejo neighborhood that serves typical New Orleans cuisine.  The gastropub is owned by an Argentine-North American couple (he's from Argentina, she's from the United States), which we love because we can relate! Cajun flavors, homemade sauces and brewed beers by the owners themselves, PLUS a cool, laid-back atmosphere EQUALS the recipe for the perfect date night spot for Tomas and myself!

Last night, we shared the mollejas (a usual choice for us), and also tried the two specials of the day: chicken & waffles and homemade nuggets with a sriracha mayonese. And, as if that wasn't enough, we polished off a classic chicken sandwich before heading home. When it gets colder out, I'm sure we'll be back for the gumbo! YUM.

I got changed quickly before we went out, and I ended up really liking the look I put together, so I had Tomas take some OOTD shots for me. What do you guys think? These are the kind of outfits that define my style here in Buenos Aires.

Blouse - Free People
Sleeveless Tee - Gypsy Warrior
Jeans - American Eagle
Boots - Dr. Martens
Bag - Gypsy Warrior

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Like a good wine, you only get better with age...

Last night we celebrated Tomas' birthday at the bar! It was fun to get dressed up and kick back at the bar instead of working on a Friday night! :-D

To my husband....
Hope you enjoyed your day, and that this year is the best year yet!

Now it's time to finish the carrot (birthday) cake!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

My On-and-Off Love Affair with Free People

I first discovered Free People when I was about seventeen. At that point in time, I'm not even sure if Free People stores existed or not because there wasn't a store near my house, but the Bloomingdales at my mall sold some Free People items. I remember my Mom bought me a few things.  I loved them because they were so different. Since I attended a private boarding high school where the majority of the students dressed preppy (and I was anything but preppy), I especially appreciated the bohemian, carefree, and somewhat whimsical feel of the clothing. At the beginning of my time in high school, I wore the plaid skirts and the collared shirts, but sometime around junior/senior year I had my fashion revolution, which I think was partly inspired by Mary-Kate Olsen. I was anti-prep. Instead, I was into shopping for vintage clothes on Ebay, going to my local consignment shop to find one of kind items, and loving Free People, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters. I liked the idea of combining unique patterns and different colors, and laced through it all, you could usually find a bohemian vibe in my outfits. Sometimes I think I went a bit over the top, but what fun is fashion if you can't play around with it? Ohhh, I wish I had those old photos with me so I could scan them and show them to you guys.

Then I went off to college and my love for Free People really blossomed (Ironically, the owner of Free People was an alum of my university). At that point in time, I would say that the majority of my clothes were from Free People. I was obsessed. After graduating college, I went off to work in Spain which had a huge influence on my personal style. I really embraced the Euro-style and backed off from the bohemian threads a bit. There's still a part of me that will always be a little bohemian, but now I think my style is a bit more urban & sophisticated (well, sophisticated for me) which, in my case, I can only attribute to living in the city (urban) and getting older (sophisticated).

Now when I visit Free People or browse their shop online, it's hit or miss for me. Either nothing catches my eye, or EVERYTHING catches my eye. This Spring I've been falling hard for many of their pieces. There are some things that I've been admiring for a month or so now. Sounds a little obsessive, right? But, as we all know, Free People ain't cheap! So I really take my time thinking about whether I really "need" a piece or not, no matter how much I love it.

I thought it might be helpful for me to post my favorite items here, and you guys can help me choose which ones I need in my wardrobe! While I used to be attracted to the most unique items in the store, now I'm on the hunt for things that I can wear multiple ways and pieces that I can wear for years and won't tire of them!

So, here's the roundup...

Comfy & Casual Lounge/Layering Sets:

Button-Up Shirts:

Simple Tops:

Dresses, Tunics, Rompers:

Antique White?

...Or Bali Blue?

Cardigans & Vests:

(All photos taken from Free People website)

So, tell me.....What do I need? And, what can I pass on?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Change Will Do You Good

After a couple of years, I've finally taken the plunge back into the blonde pool! I love changing my hair up every once in a while. Such a great way to renovate your overall look!
It feels good to be back :-D

Color by La Chola Garcia Peluqueria (Buenos Aires)

Of course, the title for this post was inspired by this song...