Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Month in Review: JULY (Food & Drink: PART 1)

Hellloooo! I'm back from the longest blogging hiatus I've taken in a while. As it turned out, it was much needed.

A few days ago I returned from an extended vacation in the US, spending time with my family and visiting friends. It was such a wonderfully relaxing vacation where I made sure to keep my computer time to a minimum, and I have to say, it felt really refreshing!

My husband surprised me with a smartphone shortly before going on vacation (I resisted for years, but him coming home one day with a new smartphone in hand made it easier for me to crack haha), so I made sure to take PLENTY of pictures while I was away and updated my Instagram quite frequently. For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram (it's never too late to join the party!), I thought I'd share those photos on here as well as some other photos I took while on vacation.

I'm going to break this "The Month in Review" post into three parts: The first two posts will be strictly about food & drink, since that is what I spent most of my vacation doing, and the third post will be a miscellaneous post.
Hope you enjoy!

My first "meal" upon arriving in the US:
Dunkin' Donuts @ Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport

I arrived in the US just before the 4th of July, so I didn't waste any time in whipping up some festive treats...

The evolution of a beautiful batch of cookies:




We spent 4th of July weekend with family in New Hampshire and we made even more patriotic goodies!

I was VERY proud of my "firework" cupcake.

My aunt made these awesome tricolor cupcakes!

Also, in New Hampshire, I FINALLY accomplished my mission of eating a LOBSTER ROLL. 
(I've been dreaming about trying a lobster roll for years, but for some reason the stars never aligned... UNTIL NOW.)

ANOTHER FIRST for me in New Hampshire was MAKING & EATING S'MORES! 
Was I not living before I visited New Hampshire? Well, as they say in that state, "Live Free or Die"!

My first s'more...
and thinking about more!

After returning back to NJ, I spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen. 
There was a "salad phase" that lasted about a week, and consisted of...

Fruit Salad

The Most Luscious Chicken Salad You Will Ever Eat

Macaroni Salad
(with a special unexpected ingredient that makes the world of a difference!)

During my stay, I also indulged in my long-time, favorite food pastime: EATING CUPCAKES.


PEANUT BUTTER CUP CUPCAKE from Crumbs Bake Shop...
 Because I miss having the option of eating PEANUT BUTTER & CHOCOLATE TOGETHER.

I think that's enough to make you drool for now. ;-)
Installment #2 of "The Month in Review: JULY (Food & Drink) to come this weekend!

What have you been up to during the month of July??


  1. Oh my goodness gracious, so many delicious foods! So glad you're back, friend! I've missed your blog!

    1. I definitely fell off the wagon. So much to eat, too little time!
      I'm glad I'm back, too! Trying to catch up on reading & writing blogs now!

  2. Hooray!!! I resisted a smartphone until my flip phone broke and my husband said it was time to enter the world of adult phones lol. I do like it, but sometimes I miss the simplicity of life before... IDK, maybe that's ridiculous. I have to say, I really enjoyed looking at all your food. Dunkin Donuts is a must have when setting foot in the States. Last time I traveled I grabbed Chipotle as soon as I set foot on soil. That was also a treat.


    1. Hahah yeah my husband had been pushing the smartphone idea for a while and since I didn't really take matters into my own hands, he just took it upon himself to get me one.
      I'm still not one of those people who is glued to their phone, but it is nice to scroll through instagram before going to sleep haha
      Are the Dunkin' Donuts getting smaller? I swear every time I go back to the US I am always surprised by how tiny they are. I could've had like three instead of just one.
      Oh, and there's more food pics coming your way later today!

  3. Oh my gosh seriously all the food got me craving !!! :D Yum yum

    1. I know! I was hungry again just putting this post together. Stay tuned for some even more delicious pics coming tomorrow!

  4. You've been missed! Happy to see you're active on Instagram again. :) The sprinkles on the cookies make them look so festive! & your firework cupcake looks amazing. I can't believe you haven't had a s'more before! So happy you got to try one (or more ;)). Peanut butter and chocolate is my favorite! That cupcake looks so good. Now I officially want some sweets!


    1. Feels good to get back into the groove again, although I am still half in vacation mode haha
      I hope I keep up my cooking now that I'm back, although I tend to get a little lazy when only cooking for one...aka I don't cook. Guess I should add that to my weekly goals, every week: Try to cook dinner at least 4 times a week!
      Also, I didn't realize until after I finished this post that I basically just posted ALL photos of sweets. I have a huge sweet tooth, so I am in heaven in US with all of the cupcakes & cookies.

  5. Welcome back, Chrystin!!!! Omg this food looks SO good, like seriously!! I had fun checking your Instagram updates during your vacation (are you addicted to IG or not just yet? I baceme addicted to it, lol) Your firework cucake looks beautiful! And so do your s'mores. Well, I could list all the food actually 'cause everything here looks delicious, haha.
    I'm so glad to know that you had a great summer/winter vacation (!!! - you know what I mean) and that you could take a well deserved internet break. I can't wait to see the other posts!!


    1. Thanks, Deb!! Everything I ate was so delicious (lots and lots of sweets as you can see!).
      I won't say that I'm addicted to Instagram, but I do HIGHLY ENJOY it haha
      More photos of all the things I ate coming later today!
      Hope you have a great weekend! xx

  6. you're back! yay!!! loved seeing your trip...can't wait for more!

    1. I'm back! Thanks for sticking with me, Elle!
      More photos coming later today!

      Have a wonderful weekend!


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