Sunday, August 30, 2015


Are you sick of all the beach photos yet? Hope not! 

While the first set of photos were taken on the more secluded part of the Miramar beach, these photos were taken at the beach in downtown Miramar. All of those metal frames you see are actually little beach cabanas; the covers have been put away for winter. It's pretty interesting to see the contrast on this beach: packed with people in the summer and quite deserted in the winter, save for a few stray dogs. That would have to be one of the cons about Miramar...there are so many stray dogs. Fortunately, the residents seem to feed the stray dogs and we've never come across a dog that's looked sick or malnourished. In fact, most of the stray dogs are enormous and look pretty well fed. On this day, we crossed paths with this one dog on the beach who decided to keep us company for the afternoon, and later went on his merry way. While he did seem to be content with his beach life, if we could have taken him with us we would have, but unfortunately we are not able to adopt another animal at this time. I do dream of having my own animal shelter one day though.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dreamland (La Playa)

Here's the second installment of photos from our weekend escape to Miramar... How dreamy are these photos?!

Do you ever visit the beach during the winter?

Are you a beach or a mountain person? One of the reasons I love Miramar so much is that you get the best of many get a little bit of city, a little bit of forest, some hills and, of course, the beach!